High Performance Detectors

To enable precision measurements with future experiments, technology needs to be further developed and improved to allow for a precise reconstruction of particles at high rates and in dense environments. The addition of timing information to the spatial measurements of trackers and calorimeters is a common research direction, explored in several current and future detector developments. Within this RTG, we develop silicon- and gas-based tracking detectors that overcome several challenges, including radiation resistance, low threshold and low material budget. The development of calorimeters focusses on scintillator- and crystal based detectors with high spatial granularity and SiPM readout. These developments will be employed for example in BES-III, at a future e+e- collider or the future MuonEDM experiment.

FASER Experiment at CERN (Photo: CERN) Collider at the BES (Photo: N. Berger)