Qualification Program

The research topics of the RTG are accompanied by a dedicated project, lecture and workshop program that will educate the fellows of the RTG on a broad spectrum of detector technologies. This training concept relies on four distinct pillars, which will be completed in the course of a three years PhD program. The first pillar is a dedicated project work, where all doctoral students work in small, independent research teams to construct their own experiment aiming for example at a measurement of the Dalitz branching ratio of the neutral pion at the MAMI accelerator. The second pillar is a specialized workshop program on modern detector technologies and innovative experimental methodologies with extensive hands-on tutorials. A summer-school with special theory lectures for experimental physicists as well as a long-term research stay at a foreign research institution mark the third and the fourth pillar of the RTG. The fellows will be supervised by international leading experts within their field of research, both during their stay in Mainz, but in particular during their research stays abroad.

Project Initiative: Design and build your own experiment at the MAMI Accelerator Workshop Initiative: Learn about the latest developments on particle detector technologies
Summer School: Work with leading theoreticians on the next generation of experiments Internationalization: Work at our partner laboratories on your PhD research