Project Initiative

The goal is to perform a full particle physics experiment at a scale achievable in a few weeks and where modern technologies can be employed at a scale that goes beyond table-top laboratory setups. One example could be the measurement of the Dalitz decay branching ratio of the π0 meson at the MAMI accelerator of the University of Mainz.

The project initiative has three phases distributed over one year. During the first phase, the experimental concept will be discussed and a basic simulation of the experimental setup will be developed in order to determine performance requirements and to estimate the optimal location of the detectors. The actual construction of the different parts of the experiment (tracking, calorimeter, trigger, DAQ) is foreseen during the second project phase lasting two weeks. The data-taking and data-analysis is foreseen during the third phase and is planned for two full weeks. The experimental results of each team will be presented in front of a larger audience including all fellows and PIs of the RTG in a dedicated meeting at the end of the project phase.