Scientific and Administrative Coordinators

Scientific and Administrative Coordinators

The administrative coordinator, Kira Karabut, is responsible for all administrative aspects of the graduate school, in particular the hiring procedure of new fellows, the support of guest scientists and new fellows arriving in Mainz as well as the organization of workshops and summer schools.

The scientific coordinator, Pepe Gülker, is responsible for the scientific aspects of the training program, focussing on the fellow-experiments at the MAMI accelerator as well as the scientific program of the workshops.

Administrative Coordinator

Kira Karabut
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Office: 05-621
Tel.: +49 6131 39 20217
Email: k.karabut(et)
Staudingerweg 7
55099 Mainz, Germany

Scientific Coordinator

Pepe Gülker
Institute für Kernphysik
Office:1385 02-102
Tel.: +49 6131 39 28905
Johann-Joachim-Becher Weg 45
55128 Mainz